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Interested in a specific article or book chapter that speaks to the passage(s) or theme(s) you are specifically interested in?  Then check out the options below and choose the articles or chapters that speak directly to your interests.  Where appropriate, we’ve keyed the articles and chapter options to Scripture passages. Your choices include: “Personal Favorites”   –  13 articles “Two Lost Sons and Their Father’s Heart” (Prodigal Sons)  –  14 chapters “The Rest of the Story”  –  10 chapters “Making Disciples Jesus’ Way” – 10 chapters “Encounters with Jesus”  –  12 chapters “Is Western ‘Discipleship’ Dead?” – 10 articles “Two Different Worlds: Western Evangelicalism and the Gospels”  –  5 articles

Personal Favorites ($1.49 each article)

  • Genesis 37 “Joseph’s Birthright Coat”
  • Samuel I & II “David: On the Run for a Reason”
  • Various “Barabbas and Me”
  • Various “Follow Me”
  • Various “John the Baptist and Repentance”
  • John 2:1-11 “A Crisis of Wine and Joy in Cana”
  • John 2:12-17 “Reforming Worship in the Temple”
  • John 4:43-54 “That Desperate Royal Official”
  • Matt. 27:46 & Psalm 22:1 “Forsaken or Abandoned?”
  • Luke 6:6-11 “A Surprising Sabbath Showdown”
  • Luke 16:1-8 “The Perplexing Parable of the Shrewd Steward”
  • Luke 18 “Zaccheus: Standing Under to Understand”
  • Luke 19:11-27 “The Parable of the Ten Minas”

Two Lost Sons and Their Father’s Heart, A Luke 15 series ($1.49 each Chapter)

  • Getting Ready
  • Jesus Sets the Teaching Stage
  • Shocking Start
  • Getting Ready to Leave Home
  • The Pursuit of Pleasure
  • Desperation and Debasement
  • Remembering and Repenting
  • A Paradigm-Changing Welcome Home
  • An Extravagant Restoration
  • A Joyous Community Celebration
  • Mercy is Missing
  • Lost in Resentment
  • The Elder Brother Syndrome
  • The Truth Teller’s Tendencies

The Rest of the Story: A Closer Look at “Familiar” Passages ($1.95 each Chapter)

  • Introduction Available in the “Complimentary” Section
  • Luke 2:1-20 “The Glorious and “Shameful” Birth of Jesus”
  • Matthew 27, John 19 and Psalms 22-24 “The Last Words of Jesus: What Did He Really Say and Mean?”
  • Matthew 5-7“Pulverizing Paradigms and the Kingdom of God”
  • John 15:1-6 “Lift Up and Then Prune”
  • Luke 5:1-11 “Simon Encounters Jesus”
  • Matthew 28:16-20 “Being a First-Century Disciple”
  • Exodus 32 and Joshua 4 “The Golden Calf: Been There, Done That”
  • Numbers 20 “Stealing God’s Glory by Striking the Rock”
  • John 11 “The Raising of Lazarus and God’s Timing”
  • Exodus 3 “Living in the Land of Milk and Honey”

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way: Wisdom We Have Missed ($1.95 each Chapter)

  • Introduction Available in the “Complimentary” Section
  • Two Very Different Worlds
  • Luke 6:40 “Rabbis and Disciples”
  • Luke 4:18-20 “The Rescuer Has Come”
  • John 15:16 “Why Those Twelve?”
  • Acts 1:1 “Do and Teach”
  • John 1:14 “Grace Before Truth”
  • Value Before Price
  • Paradigms: Barriers to Spiritual Growth
  • John 15 “A Biblical Framework for Making Disciples”

Encounters with Jesus: The Rest of Their Stories ($1.95 each Chapter)

  • Introduction Available in the “Complimentary” Section
  • Luke 1:5-22 “An Incredible Announcement”
  • Luke 1 “God’s Gracious Glimpses”
  • Luke 4:14-28 “Mutiny on the Sabbath”
  • Luke 5:1-11 “Simon Encounters Jesus”
  • Luke 5:12-14 “He Touched Me!”
  • Luke 5:17-26 “He Healed Me – Twice!”
  • Luke 5:27-29 “He Chose Me!”
  • Luke 8:22-25 “The Perfect Storm”
  • Luke 8:26-39 “The Perfect Rescue”
  • Luke 8:40-56 “Two Desperate People Find Jesus”
  • Luke 11:1-4 “Our Daily Bread”
  • Luke 11:5-8 “Pray Confidently or Persistently?”

Is “Discipleship” Dead? ($1.49 each article)

  • Introduction
  • Symptoms in Need of a Diagnosis
  • Watch Your Language?
  • Fellowship of ALL Believers
  • Being a First-Century Disciple
  • A Framework for Making Disciples – Part I
  • A Framework for Making Disciples – Part II
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Discipling
  • Discipling One Another
  • Discipling Wisdom

Two Different Worlds ($1.49 each article)

  • Two Very Different Worlds: Western Evangelicalism and the Gospels – Part I
  • Two Very Different Worlds: Western Evangelicalism and the Gospels – Part II
  • It’s About Making Disciples!
  • Mercy is Missing
  • Rescue and Restoration of the Covenants

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