Complimentary Articles for Download

The following is a list of our teachings that are available for download. To view the articles, simply click on the link and the file will open in your PDF reader.

Reflection – Paul Engages the Roman World

Reflection – Changing our Missions Paradigm

Reflection – The Bible and the Land; Essential or Irrelevant?

Reflection – The Priesthood of All Believers

20 Reasons Why Discipleship Died

20 Discipling/Mentoring Wisdom Tips

Reflection – Christ and the Chaos of Roman City Life

Barabbas and Me

Beloved Beyond Belief

Introduction – Encounters with Jesus

Introduction – Making Disciples Jesus Way

Introduction – The Rest of the Story

Joy of the Lord – A Prison Teaching Experience

The Case for Context

Leavenworth Prison Teaching Experience

Reflection – A Crisis of Wine and Joy in Cana

Remez: A Helpful Interpretive Tool

Those Prodigal Sons – Table of Contents and Invitation

Reflection – Reclaiming Our Identity in Christ

Reflection – C.S. Lewis Article “Waiting on the Lord while Unemployed”